Brisbane Flood 2011

Photo taken by Andrew Ross

Such a sad sight when I got to work on Wednesday and the water was lapping the doors of the office. Within an hour it was knee height! Trying to figure out what is important to grab and take with you is so hard.. Computers were the main thing, but all I can think about now is all the things that didn’t get saved will be destroyed.. All our samples (fabric, laminate carpet etc) now have to be replaced.  I know a lot of people have lots there homes, and I don’t know how you can deal with a loss like that.  But it for a lot of business you have to start from the beginning and that is hard I am sure a lot of people will not be able to recover from this.  I hope we can only kept going and come out stronger, and the same to all small business. Now we are just left with the clean up and just recovering from the damage.
I also have to say a big thanks to the strangers that are willing to help just because they can. Thankyou so much, we would not have been able to save half the things we did without them. And to all the friends and family members will to chip in and help. 
When you are at your lowest there are always people there willing to help. That is Queensland for you..
People have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods. If you'd like to help raise much needed funds donations can be made to the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal. The brisStyle girls have also set up the 'BrisStyle Handmade Ark Flood Appeal' with money raised being donated to the Premiers Flood Relief Fund.


  1. I'm impressed by your positive attitude, you and the business will come out stronger. Our hearts are with everyone affected by the floods. The stories and images are heart breaking.

  2. Sorry to read about your losses with the flooding in Bris. I hope you and the others will be able to rebuild the business. We feel strangely distanced from it here on the Coast but at least there are ways to help and support.
    Thinking of you x