A Sunny weekend....

It was great to finally have a weekend were it didn't rain. Don't get me wrong I love the rain especially when you get to stay in bed and read. But not when you have to get up and go to work and get drenched from opening the gate and getting into the car. Apart from getting wet, our garage is very much flooded from all the rain and the week without it gave the underneath of my house and garage a chance to dry up.  YEY!

Also gave me a chance to get the desk that has been sitting down in the garage for almost a year. Have been working with a desk that is just too small to do anything on so I figure this was a better option.   There is something about working at a desk that is organised and looks good that makes you feel inspired. 
I have been working on this peter rabbit stitching on some recycled fabric I found at the life line shop. It is a working progress at the moment. But I am thinking of turning it into a pillow.

An up date on my vegetable and herb garden although it is small with some rocket, mint, parsley and basil. I am surprised how fast they are growing. The rocket and mint have been great for weekend lunch time pizza. (so yummy)

I love this cute hanging plant I picked up at the markets on Sunday; it has found a home on the kitchen window.

And I shall leave you with a piture of Bella, our eldest dog. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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