Valley Fiesta !! What a success

It's a Saturday. The sun is shining and there is good music playing down the street. 

This is where you would have found me on Saturday! Helping my sister out selling her hand made plush toys and me trying my hand at selling some of my own artwork and prints. It turned out to be a great day, they had close the street off and the suite case people took over. 

I was surprised by the amount of traffic we had come though and so grateful to all the people who bought something from our little stall. And I am looking forward to the next one at King George Square on the 3rd of October.

Were I will being seeing if the inside out bad I made is a success as well get to make some more prints and line artwork. (Which I will try and post in my hand made and art section.) But for now enjoy the photos from that day

all Images © to Rebecca Antos 

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  1. I ♥ those vintage books and everything in the first photo!