Slow geting there....

Southbank Student Designer Markets (Cardbard seat)

Okay so between juggling work and find some free time to get my stuff up and running. I still have yet to finish my logo and card but I have an idea for it just need time to get creative in illustrator. So expect some change to the blog layout and head soon. In other news I have finally finished the coffee table I picked up at the smart tip and will be posting about it soon when i get some good shots of the final product. (definetly could not have done it with out my sis..)

I am still trying to come up with what I can be doing and what/how I should be marketing my self.  Been helping out my sister with her hand made collection and have been inspired by the indie design and handmade craft items that have poped up. So a lot of my time has been scoping out other markets in Brisbane and boy have I found some good ones. I also loveing going to get insperation for job's and seeing what new and innovative things other people have been coming up with.

OH my I didn't even know you could get Mint that was like chocolate. Smells devine..
collection of goodies
On one of these trip we made a stop at Bunnings on the way home and found something interesting MINT CHOCOLATE for real. It even smells like mint with chocolate. Shall be adding to my list of herbs to get. But for the moment I am starting small I have some basil already but to add to the garden I got some parsley, mint and rocket. And a few other gardening items.. I love the whole idea of being self sufficient. Specially when you are living on a tight budget having something in your own garden that you can get at anytime and doesn't cost a fortune is great.

Well untill next time I home someone likes my little rant, and keep watching for more on the coffee table and other finds. As well as the Portfolio getting started.

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