Here comes the weekend YEY

Okay I have been a bit slack with the blog this week but for a good reason work has been busy (YEY).. So all creative juices have been used well! (also came up with a logo for little sparrow design)
So I thought I might show you how the screen printing went, and I must admit I really enjoyed myself and could have done prints all day. We were debating weather not we should go as our youngest dog was not feeling well and mobbing around the house. But we had said we would go, so we made sure Gus was all snuggled up and off we went…

With out ideas ready to print off we went, turns out my sister and I work really well as a team. I only did a few tote bags (made from a old pillow case covers frown at lifeline), my sis had fabric already cut to make cushions and I snuck in a top with her print as well. So happy with how they all turned out but I am kicking myself for not doing all my tote bags

Looking forward to tomorrow as we have a work social club outing! A wine tour and lunch down the coast.. Going to be soooooooooo happy by the end of the day.
I also just want to say a big thanks to red seed studio for letting us use her studio to print and hope you have a great weekend.
Picture photos on canvas

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